Our Campuses

The Lonsdale Neighborhood


Elementary Main Campus

Our Elementary Main Campus program is our flagship program and meets in our main building at 1317 Connecticut Avenue. This program serves 48 students daily!

This campus was our first program. All other program below have grown from the Lord's faithfulness and provision to this program.

Elementary School Campus

Our Elementary School Campus program meets inside Lonsdale Elementary School, right around the block at 1317 Louisiana Avenue. This program follows the same schedule as the main campus and allows us to serve 48 additional elementary students daily!

We are so thankful for the generosity and flexibility of Lonsdale Elementary school staff for letting us use their space after hours!


Thrive Upper High School

The High School program is rapidly growing and will be operating in a new space this fall! We will be meeting inside a house that is only about 50 yards from Lonsdale Baptist Church. We are located at 1333 Connecticut Avenue.

This fall we have about 20 students enrolled in our program. Students can choose to enroll in a ‘college prep’ or ‘vocational’ track.’ Each week our high school students participate in snack, free-time, homework sessions, one-on-one tutoring, bible studies, and a time of hearing from various employers, professionals, and speakers.

This program does not operate on Wednesdays. Stop by and see us any other day!

Thrive Upper Middle School

Our Middle School program meets in the education building of Lonsdale Baptist Church next door to our Main Campus! Just 8 feet under a breezeway separates our Main Campus building from Lonsdale Baptist Church. The best way to enter this building is by just coming into our main building first!

This program serves 36 middle school students. There are many more middle school students in the neighborhood that we are in relationship and would love to serve; however, we are space-constrained to three classroom. Please join in praying that God would open the door to additional space, whatever that looks like, so we can serve more students.

We are so thankful to Lonsdale Baptist Church for allowing us to use their space!


The Parkridge Neighborhood

Thrive Parkridge Elementary

Thrive Lonsdale initiated and supports the planting of Thrive Parkridge, located in the Parkridge neighborhood in East Knoxville.

This program is located in the Magnolia building of Fifth Avenue Baptist (2500 E Fifth Avenue). This program launched in January 2018 and currently has a capacity to serve 36 students.